Faith in Bluum: Coming of Age Sunday – May 3, 2015

spiralchaliceLed by the Coming of Age Youth, with their Mentors and Facilitators
This morning our youth will be sharing their personal statements of faith.  As we learn what is in their hearts and on their minds, we will celebrate their accomplishments and blooming maturity.

Podcast speakers, in order –

Welcome – Allison Norris
Chalice lighting – Ian Mack
Call to worship – Rebekah Swango, Alan Kerns
Sharing by facilitator – Andrew Rome, Elaine Bowen
Sharing by Mentor – Eric Van Baars, Lori McGee
Prayer – Salvatore Smith, Mason Lorch
Hal improv
Statements – Lila Goehring, Mason Lorch, Connor May, Salvatore Smith, Angelika Marsh, Rebekah Swango
Statements – Alan Kerns, Hunter Jepson, Cordelia Wheatley, Kaley Mack, Sydney Haines
Offering – Connor May
Hal – Go Your Own Way to Shine
Benediction – Connor May

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