The Supreme Court Decision on Marriage Equality & Portage County Court of Common Pleas Probate Division

Judge Robert Berger of the Portage County Court of Common Pleas Probate Division has issued an Order in preparation for the upcoming Supreme Court decision on marriage equality.  Although the copy of the Order shown below is not signed by Judge Berger, it is in effect.  At Judge Berger’s request, we are sharing this information to help inform as many people as possible on the process of applying for a marriage license and the ability to be married at the Portage County Courthouse immediately following a favorable decision on marriage equality.

It has come to our attention that if either of the partners hoping to get married are previously divorced, they will need to take a notarized copy of their divorce decree when applying for a marriage license.


Click to Download the Court Order (Right-click the link and choose “Save Link As…” to save the document to your computer)

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