Our ‘Freedom to Marry Celebration’ is On! – July 3, 2015




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Documents Needed to Apply for a Marriage License in Ohio:

  • ID Requirement:  Government issued ID such as drivers license, visa, passport, state ID. You need to know your social security numbers.
  • Residency Requirement: Do not have to be a resident of Ohio. You must apply in the county in which you want to get married.
  • If previously married: Bring certified copy of divorce decree or a copy of deceased spouse’s death certificate.
  • Application Requirement: Both parties to a marriage should appear in person to obtain the license.
  •  Waiting Period: No waiting period.
  •  Blood Tests: No tests.
  •  Under 21: If you are 18 to 21 years of age, you will need to show your birth certificate.

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