Catholic Social Teaching – August 23, 2015

LogoCOAR_text_lmtdLed by Mary Stevenson and Worship Associate Andrew Rome

Mary Stevenson, Executive Director of the Community of Oscar A. Romero (COAR), will present COAR’s work as an example of the Catholic tradition of social justice woven from the Gospel calls to help the poor, as well as a practical and compassionate response to crisis and poverty. In 1980, El Salvador entered the world stage through a brutal civil war. On March 24th, 1980, the Catholic Archbishop of San Salvador, Oscar A. Romero, was murdered by the army while saying mass.  Later, on December 2nd, 1980, four North American Churchwomen were also murdered. All of them, along with many Salvadorans, were murdered for their defense of the poor, denunciation of the violence, and, in particular, their defense of refugees and orphaned children. Out of those dark days sprang COAR: a school, foster care facility, and clinic serving the entire impoverished community of Zaragoza, El Salvador.  COAR’s work continues today responding to the crisis of gang violence and unaccompanied minors at the US-Mexican border.

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