Come, Yet Again, Come – September 13, 2015

front door openLed by Rev. Melissa Carvill Ziemer, Intern Minister Dave Clements and Interim Director of Religious Education Karen LoBracco

During the summertime, the rhythm of our community reflects the pace of people coming and going. With school in swing again and fall on the horizon, it’s time once again to gather as a whole community and mark the beginning of another church year. Come, gather in with us in a celebration of beloved community and the difference it makes. Please bring a little bit of water and/or soil from your home to share in our annual ritual of gathering the waters and soils. Bring them to church along with your thoughts about what it means to you bring yourself into our faith community.

Our choir returns from their summer hiatus for this multigenerational service. Children preschool-age and up will join us for the entire service.

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