News from the Ministerial Search Committee – July 20, 2017



“We are here, and we are listening.”

Stage One of the church-wide listening project “The Voices of the UUCK,” is almost complete, as the Ministerial Search Committee (MSC) finishes focus groups this weekend.

Once these final focus groups are done, the MSC will begin compiling notes from all groups and individual interviews, with particular attention on the identity and needs of the congregation as expressed by all of you, as well as the skills and qualities you deem most important in the next minister.

We will also begin work on Stage Two, an all-important church-wide survey. No need to sharpen your pencils yet: The survey won’t be ready for distribution for a few weeks, and we’ll let you know well in advance through e-mail, E-nUUs and the Sunday bulletin.

We are grateful, meanwhile, up to this point and beyond, for your voices. Your stories, thoughts, ideas and concerns, provided through focus groups; one-on-one interviews; and eventually, the survey, will be front and center as we compile the all-important “congregational record.” This record is what will tell the story of our beloved church to prospective ministerial candidates.

As always, we welcome your questions, and we thank you for your participation and your patience.

Here’s to a new settled minister in the pulpit by Fall of 2018!


Your ministerial search committee members are:

     Kathie Slater, chair
     Becky Cline
     Don Easterling
     Saul Flanner
     Bonnie Harper
     Debra-Lynn Hook
     Kathy Kerns
     Rod Thompson
     Gene Wenninger



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