Annual Voting Meeting

Annual Meeting of the Congregation 
May 28, 2023
11 AM in Hobbs Hall

Calling all Active Members of our Congregation — our annual business meeting to vote on the Fiscal Year 2024 Slate of Candidates, Bylaw Changes, and next year’s Budget will take place immediately following the service on Sunday, May 28 2023,

Your participation is needed to establish quorum for voting purposes. The Voting Meeting will be offered with multi-platform options to attend either in person at Hobbs Hall or via Zoom.

CLICK HERE to read the FY2023 Annual Report to the Congregation.

5/25/2023 Important Update: Budget Vote Tabled at Annual Meeting

Dear Members and Friends of UUCK,

Last night after consultation with Regional Staff (who Zoomed in to talk with us) and thoughtful conversation about our proposed budget for FY2024 and deep concerns in the congregation about our finances, the Board voted unanimously to table a vote on the budget during the annual meeting this Sunday.  We will conduct other congregational business but we will not vote on the budget at this meeting. 

Since our bylaws do not require us to vote on the budget at a certain time or at an event, the Board felt it best to slow the process down and to engage you in some conversation about our values, our priorities, our long term financial health, and our budget’s alignment with our vision and mission.  The Board will announce several opportunities to gather in person (there will be a Zoom opportunity as well) in June in order to listen and engage in an open and thoughtful dialogue so that we have enough information to revise or present the proposed budget, knowing that we have done the work of listening, collaborating and strengthening our relationships so that we can continue our life and work together.  Please make these conversations a priority and plan to attend so that your voice can be heard.     

If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to the Board ([email protected]).  Thank you for being a part of our spiritual community and for your care and participation in our shared life and ministry.  What we do together matters!

Your UUCK Board of Trustees and Rev. Steven
May 25, 2023

Message from the Membership Committee: Voting Eligibility

All are invited to attend the Annual Meeting of the Congregation on May 28, but only Active Members of the Congregation are eligible to vote at this meeting.
The list of Active Members is posted outside of the sanctuary. We encourage all members to check this list to verify their eligibility to vote in this important election.  Click here to view the Active Member list.

Our by-laws state you are eligible to vote in elections 4 weeks after becoming an Active Member.  Therefore, to be eligible to vote, you must have signed the New Member Registration Form on or before April 30th.

If you have any questions about your eligibility, please contact a member of the Membership Committee at:  [email protected]   

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