New Sunday Morning Schedule Offers Something for Everyone!

Starting on February 4, 2024 we will be piloting a new Sunday morning schedule and format that includes a return to two services, but with different formats meeting different needs.

Our “traditional” hour-long worship service format, with readings, hymns, special music, and a sermon/homily will be offered at 11:00am (late sleepers, rejoice!).

We are adding an “all ages” 45-minute service starting at 9:15am, followed at 10:00 am by a 45-minute “all ages” time for religious exploration, with children and youth in age-appropriate classes, and adults in facilitated small discussion groups in Hobbs Hall (with coffee/tea). Occasionally, we will offer opportunities for multi-generational activities during this time.

At 10:00am, we will also have our “Community Café” in Hobbs Hall, a time to meet and greet others and with other opportunities for connection.

Our nursery will be staffed during the all ages religious exploration (10:00-10:45am in the Hobbs Hall building) and the during the traditional service (11:00am-12:00pm in the church building). The nursery room in the church building will also be open during the all ages service for parents/guardians who need a quieter spot during the all ages service.

What Is The Difference Between The Two Services?

The  9:15am “all ages” service might be described as both “scruffy and wiggly.” We welcome babies and anyone who is neuro-divergent. It is shorter, followed by an opportunity for discussion and reflection. The “all ages” service is only offered in person — there is no Zoom option. It provides many opportunities for lay involvement (in leading service elements as worship host or offering a short lay reflection), several consistent ritual elements, and music that leans toward participation rather than performance. We hope that, over time, those who worship with us regularly at the early service will have a repertoire of songs, poems, and prayers that they can access “in their pocket” from memory when needed in daily life.

The 11:00am service is “multi-platform,” i.e. there is a Zoom option. It includes more varied elements, including readings and a sermon or homily. It also includes offerings from our robust music ministry, including choral pieces, special musical guests, small group ensembles, and performances by our tone chime choir.

Tell Me More About All Ages Religious Exploration

We have been using a monthly “theme-based” ministry model for worship and religious exploration for our children and youth for several years using the Soul Matters curriculum. As part of this transition to two services and adding a Sunday morning option for adults, we will be leaning more deeply into our monthly themes:

2024 Themes:

Children and Youth (Teens)

Our children and youth have already been using the Soul Matters themes and their teachers will continue to use materials and activities to compliment the monthly theme.


Religious exploration is an important part of our ministry, which often happens in small-group theological and ethical discussions on our monthly themes It is a wonderful opportunity for our members and friends to have deep, pragmatic conversations about how we can live into our Unitarian Universalist values. Trained facilitators help keep the group focused and the sharing equitable. Learn more…

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