Helping Hands Network

The Helping Hands Network is a practical resource to help provide for basic, temporary, physical needs for members and friends.

Q: Who are the members of the Helping Hands Network?hands

A: The Network consists of people like you who volunteer to assist others who are experiencing a difficult time. Anyone who can cook, drive, do light housework, or provide other similar services can be a member of the network.

Q:  How does the Network support the congregation?

A:  The Network helps by providing limited care through:

  • Making and delivering meals
  • Offering transportation
  • Providing emergency childcare
  • Shopping, running errands, and light housework

Q: How can I be a part of the Helping Hands Network?

A:  Fill out the contact form and mention Helping Hands in your message. We will keep a list of volunteers and  you will only be asked to help in your area(s) of interest  when you are able to do so. We are always in need of people who may be willing to offer assistance to those whom they do not know well.

Q:  How can I get help from the Helping Hands Network?

A:  Let us know how we can support you. Please contact the Care Team Coordinator, Patty Miller, the minister, or the church office for assistance. To best assist you, we ask that you give us a week’s notice for requests when possible.

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