Pastoral Associate Listening (PAL) Team

The PAL Team offers support by providing a listening ministry of presence to members and friends in need.

Q: Who are the members of the PAL Team?

A:  PAL team members have undergone an initial training and made a commitment to serve members and friends of this church. They continue to participate in on-going training and supervision with the minister.

Q:  What is the role of a PAL team member?


A:  A PAL’s primary role is to listen, witness, and care. PAL team members will also occasionally provide a referral if further supportive services are needed.

Q:  How do the PAL team members support the congregation?

A:  We are committed to helping members and friends who are experiencing any of life’s stressful events – whether sad or joyous.  Support can be short-term or for an extended term. Members and friends with chronic illness or limited mobility are invited to consider an ongoing relationship with a PAL team member.

Q: What happens to the information I tell my PAL team member?

A: The PAL team has committed to keep in confidence the names and personal information of the people they are visiting. If     you are interested in receiving a visit from a member of the PAL team or in joining the PAL team, please contact our Care Team Coordinator Susanna Smart, Patty Miller, or simply call or email the church office.

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