Weekly e-nUUs, August 22, 2012

This Sunday, services will begin outside on the front sidewalk of the Church or if the stairs are difficult for you to navigate, please join us in the Founder’s Lounge.  Please gather outside the front of the Church no later than 9:25 AM for 1st service and 11:10 AM for 2nd service so we may begin on time.  Please know that this Sunday’s services are multigenerational; families are welcome at either service.  Thank you!


Sunday, August 26        Transcendent Play

Led by The Rev. Melissa Carvill-Ziemer, Director of Religious Education Karen Lapidus and Worship Associate Eric Van Baars – The essayist Diane Ackerman speaks of transcendent play – a form of play which she says we humans need in order to feel whole. I am taken with this idea of play as a pathway to transcendence. What is that path like and how can we take it? These are the questions that will guide us this morning as we gather for our annual multigenerational Ingathering Service. If you have been away this summer or if your summer routine has kept you from attending church regularly, consider this your invitation to return.

This is our Ingathering service. Please bring a little vial of water and a bit of earth with you to this service if you would like to participate in our annual ritual of gathering water and soil. If you can, consider bringing the water and earth from a place where you lost yourself in the joy of play this summer.


Calendar Meeting this Sunday after Second Service in the Annex at 12:45.  Committee chairs, Action Team leaders, Trustees, and others who have an event that they want on the Church Calendar for the year are invited.  Get your pancakes and come on over to the Annex!


Pancake Breakfast this Sunday, August 26

Come hungry on Sunday, August 26!   Pancakes are Back! Suggested donations for you and your family to enjoy all you can eat delicious hot off the griddle pancakes and oven baked sausage – meat and vegetarian! – are $5 per Adult and $3 per child. Lacking the bills to eat your fill? No worry! An envelope will be provided for you to drop your donation in a collection basket at a future service. Want to join in the fun of flipping enough flapjacks to feed a small army? Send an email to Andrew Bores or fill out a Volunteer Sign Up Sheet and we’ll be in touch. Pancakes will be served during Social Hour and after second service.  Hope to see you there!


Registration for RE Begins on August 26th

The 2012-2013 RE Registration forms will be available in Founders’ Lounge beginning this Sunday and then through September.  Each baby, child and youth must be registered each church year.  Please leave the completed forms in the marked box or hand them to Karen Lapidus, Director of Religious Education.


Regular RE Schedule Resumes on September 2nd

We return to our usual Sunday morning procedures (although the service times will be changed to 10:00 and 11:30 am) on September 2nd.  There will be the Time for All Ages for children in grades 1-5 at the 10:00 am service and for children who attend the Chalice Theatre class (mainly school-aged children) during the 11:30 worship service.  Children should begin the service with their families in the sanctuary.  The children in Spirit Play and both the Middle School and High School youth will start the RE sessions in their classrooms.  Nursery care is for little ones is available at both services.


Gather Round to Focus on Hospitality

This fall we are going to be putting together a Hospitality Team in our church and are looking for people who are dedicated to working on issues of hospitality.  We want to make our church even more welcoming to guests, friends, and members, as well as solve issues that arise.  We currently have an issue that we would like some input on regarding the timing of the hospitality events associated with the services.  If you are interested in sharing your input please come to an informal meeting on August 26th after second service at a special table during the pancake breakfast.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact Julie Lineburgh.


We’re updating the UU Church of Kent’s Database

We are asking that everyone please visit the following link to the Church’s website to update their contact information so we may bring our database current and provide you with a more accurate Church Directory.  The information form with only take a few minutes to complete and we very much appreciate your participation!  Just click on the following link to update your records today:  //kentuu.org/about-us/update-church-records/


Photos Needed for New Directory

The new church directory is being assembled, and we would like to include a photo of you.   Yes, you!  The directory will be a PDF file sent to you and unavailable online, so your photo will be seen only by other members and friends.  I prefer to use a photo you supply, but I will take your photo if you wish.  Guidelines for submitting photos are –

  • Files need to be of size 200 K or larger and JPG, RAW, or DNG filetype.
  • If the photo is of one person, a head shot is best, but I will also accept torso (from the waist up) shots.
  • If the photo is of more than one person, the heads of the people need to be grouped together. The photo in the directory will be square, so pick a photo in which the heads will easily fit into a square.
  • Faces must be in focus, well lit, and easily recognizable.

For people who want me to photo them – I can take your photo at church during coffee hour any September Sunday, or I can photo you during the week. MaryBeth at our office can schedule you between 5:00 and 8:00 pm on one of the following dates: September 10, 12, 17 or 18.  Hours available would be from 5:00 to 8:00 pm on each day.  I’m willing to schedule another time if you really, really, really can’t make one of the above dates.

Thanks, Brad Bolton


Upcoming Art in the Sanctuary

We are looking for an art exhibit for the sanctuary for the month of November and another for January.  Contact John Kluth if you are interested in exhibiting your art or photography or  know of someone who would like to have an exhibit in our church.


Volunteer for the easiest job in the Church
Would you like to get to know our church family better?  Have you wanted to get a little more involved, but not overwhelmed?  Serving as a greeter/usher is a commitment of about an hour and a half once a month, during a service that you would probably attend anyway.  Our greeters are the face of our church on Sunday morning and go a long way toward making the congregation and our guests alike feel more welcome.

We have lost eight greeters from our volunteer pool during the last scheduling cycle, so your help would be most appreciated.  Please consider joining the ranks and contact Marion Yeagler.  I can find a slot for YOU on the October thru January schedule!


Help us showcase our church on Sept 14-15
The UU Church of Kent is hosting the last retreat of the three year Growth and Vitality effort.  Will you help us make our church welcoming to our visitors?  There will be about 40 attendees from around the district.  We will need help with breakfast and lunch on Saturday the 15th.  We will also need a few people to provide ‘home hospitality’ on Friday, the 14th, that is, would you be able to put up an overnight guest or two?

If you are willing to help with a meal or can host someone overnight, please contact Marion Yeagler.


The Book Group will be meeting on Tuesday, September 11 at 7 pm in the home of Trish Johnson-Kwartler. This month we will be reading Lake of Dreams. Kim Edwards gives us the story of a woman’s homecoming, a family secret, and the old house that holds the key to the true legacy of a family. As Lucy discovers and explores the traces of her lineage, the family story she has always known is shattered. Her quest for the truth reconfigures her family’s history, links her to a unique slice of the suffragette movement, and yields dramatic insights that embolden her to live freely. If you have any questions you may contact Bonnie Harper.


The Library Committee received an announcement from Dr. Dan Roland, Assistant Professor of Kent State’s School of Library and Information Science. Dr. Roland is the primary researcher for the Center of Information and Religion.  The Center is sponsoring a symposium on September 13th, featuring internationally know Rev. Jim Wallis. The title of Rev. Wallis’ talk will be “Information and Mis-information in the World of Religion.” For further details consult the website:  http://www.kent.edu/slis/research/csir/fall-2012symposium-on-information-and-religion.cfm  If you wish to contact Dr. Roland directly his E-Mail address is [email protected].


SAVE THIS DATE:  Friday, September 14, 2012.  The Kent UU Music Committee and the Cuyahoga River Concert Series are excited to present a benefit concert for the UUCK’s choir fund. Featuring the highly entertaining and talented folk musicians Matt Watroba and Hal Walker, a good time will be had by all! The concert begins at 8 p.m. in the church’s sanctuary – child care will be provided for children under 10 years old.  Tickets will be available between the services starting on August 26th for $10.

To add to the fun, modeled after a contest from NPR’s hit game show “Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me”,  the Music Committee will be selling raffle tickets at $1 each for a chance to win a special musical message by Matt & Hal for your own voice mail! Tickets can be purchased (no limit!) starting August 26th with the winner announced at the concert.

Plan now to attend the concert on September 14th to support the growing music program of the UU Church of Kent – and bring your family, friends and neighbors!


Walden – Never the Same River

An old adage tells us that we never step in the same river twice because the river has changed and so have we.  On Sept. 21-23 (autumnal equinox) we are returning to an area we visited six years ago:  Moraine State Park on Lake Arthur in Butler County, Pa.  This area has experienced the effects of continental glaciers and massive mineral extraction to become an example of environmental engineering achievement.

More information and a sign-up sheet will soon be posted in Fessenden Hall.  Questions?  Contact Jill Forsman, Bruce Richards or Ed Stolish.


Did you forget to put your name tag away? 

Please know that for those who have either forgotten to put their name tag away or those who may find it difficult to go back upstairs following Sunday services and coffee hour we have placed a “name tag collection basket” at the bottom of the stairs. Just drop your name tag in and we’ll gladly put it away for you.


“You can have an international experience without leaving home!  Max Grubb is working with a non-profit organization in acquiring host families for international exchange students.   There is an immediate need to place students with host families in the next two weeks!

You can make a significant difference by hosting an international exchange student.  You would make the lifelong dream of an international student come true, experience an incredibly enriching opportunity, and have a lot of fun learning a new culture. Are you ready to have an international family member?

We are looking for families in the greater Akron/Cleveland area including those in school districts such as Ravenna, Revere, Hoover, Ellet, etc…..

Volunteer host families are flexible and open-minded, are age 26 or older, come in all sizes and represent the diversity of American culture. CCI hosts are of varied economic, religious, and racial backgrounds and include working parents, empty nesters, singles and single parents. CCI Hosts also provide these young ambassadors a wide range of landscapes, climates, activities, and lifestyles.

For more information or if you know a family that would be interested, please contact Jennifer Myers, toll free at 855-296-2732 or online at www.cci-exchange.com.

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