Transcendent Play – August 26, 2012

Led by The Rev. Melissa Carvill-Ziemer, Director of Religious Education Karen Lapidus and Worship Associate Eric van Baars – The essayist Diane Ackerman speaks of transcendent play – a form of play which she says we humans need in order to feel whole. I am taken with this idea of play as a pathway to transcendence. What is that path like and how can we take it? These are the questions that will guide us this morning as we gather for our annual multigenerational Ingathering Service. If you have been away this summer or if your summer routine has kept you from attending church regularly, consider this your invitation to return.

This is our Ingathering service. Please bring a little vial of water and a bit of earth with you to this service if you would like to participate in our annual ritual of gathering water and soil. If you can, consider bringing the water and earth from a place where you lost yourself in the joy of play this summer.

NASA image of Cat’s Eye nebula.

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