Updating the UUCK Mission Statement

What is our missionThe Master Plan Committee is beginning work on updating the UUCK Mission Statement.

We are seeking input  from as many church members as possible.

Here are a few inspirational ideas to spark your thinking:

  • “Becoming the people the world needs.” Doug Muder
  • “Freedom in religion. Wholeness in faith.” Steve Dick
  • “Spiritual quest explores, finds many truths.” Anne Johnson
  • “The bonding of caring human fellowship.” Kathy Nielssen
  • “Finding inspiration. Living thoughtfully. Loving life.” Jane Brooks
  • “Inherent worth and dignity of everyone.” First Principle of the UUA
  • “Respecting the interdependent web of existence.” Seventh Principle of the UUA
  • “Reason, mystery, integrity, a multi-dimensional faith.” Jo Lane
  • “Love radically. Serve gratefully. Wonder daily.”  UU Planet
  • “Seeds of grace sprouting love everywhere.” Sean Neil Baron
  • “We are all each other’s gift.” Joe Cleveland
  • “Love and justice bend the arc.” Cynthia Landrum
  • “Inspiring lives of meaning and purpose” adapted from our current mission statement
  • “Encourage curiosity, create peace and justice” adapted from our current mission statement
  • “Reverence, gratitude and care for Earth” adapted from our current mission statement

Please submit your response by March 31.  Complete the form below or click on the link to provide your response to the following question:

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Or click here:  http://goo.gl/forms/CQZTkNG028


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