Sunday, April 28, 2024

Come Sing a Song With Me / A Sacred Chord

9:15 AM: Come Sing a Song With Me

An all-ages service led Transitional Music Director Emily Hall, Director of Religious Education Colleen Thoele and Affiliated Minister Renee Ruchotzke.

You know that feeling when a song speaks to your heart? Or how sometimes a song can transport us back to a time and place or a memory?  Come and share in the magic of music and storytelling. This morning we will explore how sharing music together can strengthen our connections to each other. 

10:00 AM Lifespan Religious Exploration

Religious exploration for our children and youth in classrooms.

Facilitated small reflection groups for adults in Hobbs Hall using our wondering questions:

  1. Who and what has been part of your relationship with music?
  2. What yearnings do you have about expressing and embodying your musicality?

10:00 – 11:15 AM Community Café

Our social hour in Hobbs Hall is open to all. Connect with others, learn about the church, find out about programs and other opportunities to connect.

Acme, Giant Eagle, and Meijer grocery gift cards are available for purchase every 2nd and 4th Sunday each month. Learn more about this fundraiser.

11:00 AM: A Sacred Chord

A multi-platform service (both in-person and on Zoom) led by Transitional Music Director Emily Hall with Affilifated Minister Rev. Christie Anderson.

Making music together, or musicking, can be a sacred act. The collaboration and community that we embody when we make music together is more vast than what we can access individually, on our own. Join us on this Music Sunday, as we explore our theme of musical interdependence and celebrate the many talents, voices, and musical hearts of our congregation! 

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Learn more about our “new” Sunday morning format.

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