Annual Voting Meeting of the Congregation

Update: May 24, 2022, from the Board of Trustees

Voting Results from the Annual Meeting May 22, 2022.

The following motions passed with the required simple majority 

  1. Approve the May 23, 2021 Annual Meeting Minutes.
  2. Approve the UUCK Operating Budget for Fiscal Year 2022-2023 as presented in the 2022 Annual Report.
  3. Elect the Slate of candidates for the terms specified as presented in the 2022 Annual Report. 

The following motion passed with the required 85% majority

  1. Endorse the 8th Principle to go before the UUA Article ll Study Commission.

Thank you to all who participated and voted.UUCK Board of Trustees

The meeting was recorded for those who were unable to attend.

We welcome you to the Annual Meeting – this Sunday at 11am on zoom and in-person at Hobbs Hall.

  • Learn about how the church remained viable during a pandemic and the building of our long-envisioned and patiently awaited new social hall.
  • Find out about financial challenges
  • Hear how we are tackling the plumbing issues that are preventing us from returning home to our historic and beloved sanctuary.
  • Participate in how we move forward as a community of smart, kind, playful, and creative people of all ages, living the legacy and the promise of our church ancestors.
  • Have a voice in the future of your church

We encourage you to read the Treasurer’s annual report to understand our financial realities. Help add your voice to our shared plans for growing in numbers, in ministries, and in service to each other and community.  We are co-creating our future together while practicing right relationship.  Join heart and minds to create solutions.

Your Board of Trustees


Sunday, May 22, 2022
11:00 AM

In person at Hobbs Hall and via Zoom
Meeting ID: 974 6478 5626

Calling ALL ACTIVE MEMBERS, your attendance at the Annual Meeting is important as a quorum will be required for voting matters. 

Click here for the eligible voter list.

A voting ballot will be provided for Active Members participating via Zoom for the May 22 meeting.

Click here to view or download the Annual Meeting Report.

Need an absentee ballot?  Ballots are available to Active Members of the Congregation,  contact MaryBeth at [email protected]

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