Sunday, March 24, 2024

9:15 AM: Each a Beloved Part

An in-person all-ages service led by Director of Religious Education Colleen Thoele and Affiliated Community Minister Renée Ruchotzke.

In these times of struggle, we journey together seeking refuge, hope and safety within our communities.  This morning we will turn to the transforming power of community care to guide us. Reflection by guest minister Rev. Dr. Elaine Strawn.

10:00 AM Lifespan Religious Exploration

Religious exploration for our children and youth in classrooms.

Facilitated small reflection groups for adults in Hobbs Hall using our wondering questions:

  • Did you have a community of support beyond your family when you were younger? Share a story of how you helped one another.
  • What support communities do you have now? What kind of communities do you yearn for?

10:00 – 11:15 AM Community Café

Our social hour in Hobbs Hall is open to all. Connect with others, learn about the church, find out about programs and other opportunities to connect.

Acme, Giant Eagle, and Meijer grocery gift cards are available for purchase every 2nd and 4th Sunday each month. Learn more about this fundraiser.

11:00 AM: Who Are We Now?

A multi-platform service (both in-person and on Zoom) led by Rev. Dr. Elaine Strawn and Worship Associate CLM Kathy Kerns.

There is a lovely children’s book in which a young girl flees her mirror image because it misses so much of her true persona. Congregations can be like that, too.  Sometimes we have a much bigger (or smaller) version of ourselves and we flee the image.  But our quest is to join together, moving forward into a deep and abiding vision.

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Learn more about our “new” Sunday morning format.

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