Chalice Groups

chaliceThe Chalice Group program is a network of small covenant groups consisting of friends and members of the church whose understanding and companionship supports our journey of spiritual growth.   Chalice Groups are an opportunity for us to share our stories, find meaning in life, and be with one  another, allowing our souls to unfold.

Most of our lives are rushed and fragmented. These small, committed groups share a kind of sacred time together that participants find renewing, transformative, and deeply moving.

How it Works:

Each group has up to 10 members including two facilitators.  Groups meet 12-13 times between October and May.

Chalice Group get-togethers typically occur about once every three weeks, in a comfortable, quiet setting, often in the home of one of the participants.

Each meeting includes time for personal sharing, readings on a topic, and time to discuss that week’s topic. No preparation is needed!

The sessions have a standardized format to transform the experience beyond ordinary meeting time into uplifting, sacred time.

Membership of each group is predetermined in order to combine new and familiar faces to promote diverse experiences.

Participation requires a commitment to the Chalice Group season, and a willingness to accept future change knowing that the group will end and understanding that the new opportunity for growth will occur next year with a new group.

Chalice Groups will have the opportunity to participate in one meaningful service project of its own choosing, providing a further bonding experience and a chance to propel the energizing power of the group outward.

As a covenant group, each Chalice Group will develop a “covenant” which represents each individual’s promise to one another about how he or she will maintain right relationship with others in the group.  Often covenants address dependable  attendance, intent listening, and honest sharing.

A trained Facilitator will participate with each group to ensure a supportive setting and to gently guide the process.  Facilitators will assist with coordination of the group’s service project. The Facilitators will meet together with the Planning Team and Minister periodically for programmatic communication and to ensure the Chalice Group program is complementing the church’s overall ministry.

Although the Chalice Group experience can be personal and uplifting, it is not intended to be  therapy, a religious education class or replacement for Sunday worship.  The Chalice Group program is one more opportunity to participate in the church’s ministry,  in a smaller, more intimate way.

This year we will be using Soul Matters packets for our groups, which will introduce spiritual practice to the preparation and discussion.

The program is overseen by The Adult Religious Exploration Committee and the Minister, but is guided by the input and desires of the church community. Your feedback on the program is always welcomed.  In addition, an evaluation of the program will be conducted at the end of the  season to provide each participant with an opportunity to comment on his or her experience.

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Click here to complete an online sign-up for Small Group Conversation.

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