Hobbs Hall Construction

October 29, 2020

We’re Growing!  Hobbs Hall Construction Update

UUCK’s Board of Trustees is excited to share highlights from the Construction Team’s report on Hobbs Hall. This dedicated team meets weekly to monitor progress, address questions and make decisions on building details. In the past few weeks, the following has been accomplished (list is representative):

  • Water, Fire Line and FTL installed and inspected
  • Exterior wall framing in process 
  • Hydrant installed and inspected  
  • Storm completed and tied in at the street around neighbor’s pool
  • Exterior walls- framing and sheathing 
  • Backfill of water line trenches 
  • Installing vault required by the City of Kent  

The team has reviewed and selected samples for windows, siding, roofing, brick veneer, and brick mortar.  Other items under consideration include choosing soffit, fascia and gutter options; interior trim options, flooring samples, sound design, lighting and receptacles.  We are grateful to Andrew Rome, Katie Grigg Miller, Blaine Vesely and Rev. Steven for their ongoing commitment and stewardship in managing the construction of Hobbs Hall on our behalf.  

Coming Up:  New Teams will be forming in connection with Hobbs Hall!  If you’re interested in being a part of the Hobbs Hall Start-Up Team (selecting furnishings, equipment, forming policies, etc.) or the Landscaping Team for the new building, please let us know!

Diana Watt, UUCK Board of Trustees Moderator

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