To Remember

Sunday, May 26, 2016

Led by Cal Frye and Worship Associate Kathy Kerns

Memorial Day may be one of the most personal of our American
holy days.  It is born out of the human need to make sense of life and
death.  To make meaning out of what we have been given and what we will do
with it; to remember all those sons and daughters who did their duty,
regardless if they wanted to or not.  To Remember.

One Sunday service at …

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The Once and Future Church

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Led by Rev. Steven Protzman and Worship Associate Eric van Baars

Once again we gather to do the work of this covenantal
community through worship and our annual meeting.   Together we will reflect on who we’ve been
this past year, how UUCK has been living out our mission to inspire love, seek
justice, and grow in community, and dream about who we might be in the years to
come, holding before us a visio…

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Lessons from the Flowers

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Led by Rev. Steven Protzman, DRE Colleen Thoele, and Worship Associate Lisa Thiel

What do the flowers have to teach us about life? As a community of all ages, we will gather for our annual celebration of flower communion. This tradition, created by Norbert Capek in Czechoslovakia in 1923, invites us to see the beauty all around us in each other and in the world and to learn from the flowers. Please bring cut flowe…

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Religious Education Sunday!

Sunday, May 5, 2018

First Service 9:45 AM The Journey of Childhood  

Led by DRE Colleen Thoele and Worship Associate Mary Leeson

year we commemorate the end of the regular religious education year by
celebrating the voices of our children.  Join us as we celebrate the joy,
creativity and wonder that is childhood and rejoice in the community we have
created together.

Listen to the first servi…

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The Promise of Peace

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Led by Music Director Hal Walker and Worship Associate Rev. Christie Anderson

In our annual Music Sunday, we will explore a variety of expressions of Peace through music. Music Director Hal Walker, worship associate Christie Anderson, the UU church of Kent Peace Choir, the Fallow Time Folk orchestra and the Tone Chimers will lead the congregation in a Sunday morning celebration of the musical pulse that is so pro…

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The Promise of Easter

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Rev. Steven Protzman and Director of Religious Education Colleen Thoele with Worship Associate Eric van Baars

The hymn
“A Promise through the Ages Rings” says that: “a green shoot
always, always springs, and something always, always sings”, affirming
life’s resilience and ability to renew itself. On this Easter Sunday, we will
gather as a community of all ages to welcome new members, to sing and rejoice
together …

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The Way of the Heart

Led by Lisa Thiel and Worship Associate Cal Frye

Descartes may have done humanity a disservice with his axiom,
‘I think therefore I am,’ keeping us all in our heads. Today we will explore
living from the heart as an essential part of the path toward wholeness.

Sunday services are offered at 9:45 and 11:30 AM with nursery care available during both services.

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A People Who Choose

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Led by Rev. Steven Protzman and Worship Associate Kathy Kerns

Universalists are proud to be labeled heretics (from the Greek word hairesis,
which means “to choose”).  We are a people who choose- we choose
what we believe, knowing that truth and meaning are not fixed or final, but
that new understanding and new revelation is always possible.  In this
Auction service purchased by Carol Gould, we …

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An Oasis on the Journey

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Led by Rev. Steven Protzman and Worship Associate Carolyn Schlemmer

There has been a lot of news lately about the struggle for
full inclusion of LGBTQ people in faith communities continues, including the
Methodist Church’s debate about marriage equality and LGBTQ clergy. To complete
our month’s Soul Matter theme of journey, we will reflect on the call of
Unitarian Universalism to create a spiritual oasis free fro…

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Here We Grow!

Sunday, March 24, 201

Led by Rev. Steven Protzman and Director of Religious Education Colleen Thoele

As a community of all ages, on this Sunday we will rejoice and celebrate the arrival of spring with stories and songs. As we welcome the spring and its optimism and we watch as the world around us comes to life once more with renewed energy and the promise of warm days and things growing and blooming, we are invited to find the spirit o…

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Worship Services

Join us, Sunday mornings for service at 10:00 AM.

Sunday Mornings

Sunday morning is the time that we all gather together to be in community as a whole. Along with the Worship Service, we offer a variety of programming for all ages. At least once each month, children are invited into the Sanctuary for an intergenerational service.

Worship Services

Our services may be led by our minister, a visiting minister, or a lay member or guest of the congregation. Service topics for the upcoming Sunday and can be found by visiting the Upcoming Services page. Come dressed as you’re comfortable; you will find people dressed in both business casual and casual clothes. Please see our Children’s Religious Education page regarding how our children participate in services.

Upcoming Services

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Social Hour

Please join us for coffee and other light refreshments downstairs in Fessenden Hall between services. We always have an activity such as drawing available for children.  In July the coffee hour will follow our one service.  In August the coffee hour will begin around 10:30 and in September the coffee hour will begin at about 11:00.

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