Pave Where the Path Is - July 23, 2017

Led by Rev. Anya Johnston and Worship Associate Kathy Kerns


Sunday service is offered at 10 AM with Nursery care available.

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Being Open to New Ministry - July 16, 2017

Led by Rev. Rod Thompson and Worship Associate Lori Fatchet-McGee

What are your expectations of our new minister?  I know you have them.  Your Search Committee will need to know what they are.  But this morning I will be more concerned about all those unwritten, unspoken, perhaps unrealistic expectations that you’ve got in the back of your minds.  So, let’s look at what makes a good minister and what your expectations should be.  You might be …

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Filling Your Spiritual Backpack - July 9, 2017

Led by Rev. Renee Ruchotzke and Worship Associate Carolyn Schlemmer

For many of us, summer is a time of refreshment and renewal. What tools might we use to deepen our experiences, both at work and at play?

Sunday service is offered at 10 AM with Nursery care available.

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Doubt Was Our Foundation - July 2, 2017

Led by Cal Frye and Worship Associate Rev. Christie Anderson

The United States was founded as a great experiment, a new form of government sprung from a theology grounded in Renaissance humanism. Doubting whether the experiment would last, the Founders wrote in a system that could be changed, reformed should the need arise. That openness of possibility is an opportunity. Doubt and discussion are essential to progress. Do we have faith enough t…

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Mercy Me, Mercy YoUU - June 25,2017

Led by Elaine Bowen and Worship Associate Lori Fatchet-McGee

In our quest to reclaim language of reverence, we will explore mercy through our UU lens and experiences.


Sunday service is offered at 10:00 AM with Nursery care available during the service.

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Hidden Happiness - June 18, 2017

Led by Rev. Anya Johnston with Worship Associate Lisa Thiel

Sunday service offered at 10 AM with Nursery care available during the service.

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Annual Service in the Park and Church Picnic - Sunday, June 11

We will once again hold our annual outdoor service on Sunday, June 11 at 10:30 AM at Plum Creek Park, Pavilion #2.

We’ll begin our morning with our worship service and then enjoy a potluck picnic together.  Plan to bring the following:

Something to sit on – folding chairs or a blanket
A dish to share
Place settings for you and your family (plates, silverware, napkins, and cups)
Beverages (the Church will supply ice water)

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e-nUUs - June 7, 2017

Click to Open this week’s e-nUUs!  (Right-click the link and choose “Save Link As…” to save the document to your computer)


Headlines from this week’s announcements:

Summer Service Schedule begins June 18
Service in the Park and Church Picnic – June 11
Summer Religious Education
Faith Transformation: Growing Unitarian Universalist in a Changing World
Grocery Cards and Equal Exchange Will Be Sold During the Summer

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Mystery, Adventure, Wonder, and Joy -- June 4, 2017

Religious Education Sunday

All classes will participate in the worship service. Preschoolers through 5th grade are featured during first service. The second service will feature middle and high school youth and will have a Bridging Ceremony for graduating seniors.

Sunday Services are offered at 9:45 and 11:30 AM with Nursery Care available during both services.


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Spiritual Embodiment - May 28, 2017

Led by Lisa Thiel and Worship Associate Lori Fatchet-McGee

In some spiritual traditions, the body is viewed as impediment, something to be transcended. In this service, we will explore various traditions that, instead, celebrate the body as divine instrument. The way to become fully free is by becoming fully here, and the body is the means of arriving.

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Worship Services

Join us, Sunday mornings for service at 10:00 AM.

Sunday Mornings

Sunday morning is the time that we all gather together to be in community as a whole. Along with the Worship Service, we offer a variety of programming for all ages. At least once each month, children are invited into the Sanctuary for an intergenerational service.

Worship Services

Our services may be led by our minister, a visiting minister, or a lay member or guest of the congregation. Service topics are announced in our monthly newsletter, The Chalice Flame. Come dressed as you’re comfortable; you will find people dressed in both business casual and casual clothes. Please see our Children’s Religious Education page regarding how our children participate in services.

Upcoming Services

Previous Services – You can listen to recorded sermons online and read transcripts

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Social Hour

Please join us for coffee and other light refreshments downstairs in Fessenden Hall between services. We always have an activity such as drawing available for children.  In July the coffee hour will follow our one service.  In August the coffee hour will begin around 10:30 and in September the coffee hour will begin at about 11:00.

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