In Search of Truth and Meaning: A Trixie Belden Mystery, July 5th, 2009

Saul Flanner and Kathy Walker – Trixie Belden is a fictional girl detective, similar to Nancy Drew, but without the convertible. Trixie is “sturdy” with unruly curls, annoying brothers, a best friend named Honey, and too many chores. She’s also very, very curious. I met Trixie in the third grade. This service is about what I learned from her. It’s about seeking out mysteries, facing your fears, and finding truth and meaning in the most surprising places. Saul and I will draw on our love of reading during our respective childhoods to consider what Trixie and other fictional characters may have taught us about being Unitarian Universalists. As Trixie might say: “Gleeps!” It’s another UU adventure with Kathy and Saul!

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