Raising the Bar – Stewardship Campaign is in Full Swing!

FY2016 Stewardship LogoYou’ve received the packet in the mail.  You’ve seen the balloons.  You’ve tasted some yummy “bar” treats.

You’ve heard wonderful and funny testaments from Melissa and members about what this church community means to them.  You have your own story about what this church community means to you.  If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to pledge you still have time!

We hope you will listen when you receive a call from one of our canvassers. We hope you will seriously consider how you can support this church community so we can continue to bring wonderful ministries to you.

The stewardship committee will be set up in Fessenden Hall over the next two Sundays to receive your pledge.  You can also make your pledge on the website, mail your pledge in to the church office, drop it by the annex during business hours or email MaryBeth with your pledge amount.


Thank you,

Your Stewardship Committee:

Kathie Slater, Co-Chair

Meg Milko, Co-Chair

Claudia Miller, Co-Chair

Sandy Eaglen, Treasurer

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