Cuyahoga River Concert Series: Mustard’s Retreat – March 12, 8:00 pm

MustardOn Saturday, March 12, join us at 8 PM for an intimate and engaging evening with “Mustard’s Retreat”.

David Tamulevich and Michael Hough have been playing for over forty years and have delighted audiences in over 4,000 shows.  Musically, they are grounded in the early traditional 60s folk music, were influenced by the songwriters of that time, and their shows represent an eclectic blend of music, old and new, with a big dash of storytelling.

In their own words, “Each night is its own unique moment, unique audience. For us, that is the exciting thing, the magic: to craft a shared experience and leave people entertained and moved…and with moments and songs they will take away with them and remember, ponder, rediscover; hopefully for years to come.” Many of those moments are the result of their well-respected and broad body of original material, written both individually and together.

“We take our writing very seriously.” says Tamulevich, “No matter if it is a serious or humorous song. A song is a tool to communicate a feeling or a story, …to connect and find some common ground….and we want them to be as effective as we can make it.”

Tickets are $15 and can be purchased at the door.

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